Technology can go a long way towards improving the customer experience, but 82% of consumers in the US still prefer human interaction. Even as technology improves, it’s important to keep in mind that interaction drives engagement, which in turn drives customer satisfaction.

Mobile devices, for example, are often used when assisting customers but relying too heavily on them can create barriers between a business and a customer. Two-thirds of consumers are likely to switch brands if they are treated more like a number than an individual. And for industries with high customer lifetime value (LTV), having high quality interactions is crucial.

Provide an excellent customer experience while maintaining professional behavior by keeping these tips in mind:

Keep it professional. The mobile device is there to make both your job and the customer’s experience more convenient and should never be used for personal activity while working.

Make eye contact. It’s not necessary to talk to make the customer feel engaged with you and the process, but keeping your eyes glued to your device achieves the opposite of engagement. Looking up with a smile periodically forms a large part of your friendly demeanor.

Start a conversation. Explain what you’re doing as you go to provide more openings for questions and back-and-forth than simply observing you tap and swipe on a device.

Remember that the technology is there to get the customer through the process in a more convenient manner, not replace the personal touch.

A friendly demeanor, an explanation of the process, and a simple smile can transform a uniform, dull service appointment into a unique, enjoyable experience that will keep your customers returning for years to come.

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