Let’s rethink the way

we connect

We’re building a new future for retail fleets with other technology providers, dealerships, dealer groups and OEMs.

We want to accelerate innovation in the automotive retail industry by providing access to data that developers can use to build new services, improve existing tools and workflows or even serve new verticals with fleet programs.
Mobile & Contactless
Access data to provide safe and personalized experiences

Helping you build powerful customer service tools

We give you access to contract-level data needed to build mobile and contactless contracting experiences.



We provide the vehicle data that lets you streamline scheduling and check-in, and personalize cars for customers.

Your mobility fleet depends on dynamic availability

Our API endpoints give you the vehicle health and status info you need to build better manifests and predict future availability with confidence.


We provide the platform for more customer choice; build mobile booking experiences that put customers in control and encourage upselling.

Short-term rentals
Test drive
Pickup & Delivery

You can serve new customers from your existing fleet

We provide the data to help you understand how different customers use your fleet, whether for test drives, subscription programs, or short-term rental.


Our API endpoints let you design your own out-of-dealership contracting and customer service experiences for service, sales or subscription Pickup & Delivery.

You can power fleets outside of retail automotive

Our platform ensures high utilization so you can handle high volume. Get real-time vehicle location, status and health data to maximize uptime.


Our payment tools are the best in automotive. We’ll help you build PCI-compliant mobile payment tools to ensure you can earn on the go.

You can boost business volume 
and profitability

We offer endpoints to improve your reporting tools, so you can make decisions with real-time data.


We provide data and strategic expertise to help you focus improvements in the areas that have the most impact on per-unit revenues.

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Mobility Program Management

Dealerware is the central platform for the connected retail fleet. We’re here to help you connect, accelerate and transform your courtesy loaner program.

Reporting & Analytics

Equip your retailers for a more profitable future. Dealerware delivers cost recovery, time-saving automation and powerful reporting tools.