Dealerware Updates [2018 YTD]

Now that we are nearly halfway through 2018, let’s take a moment to recap and celebrate the Dealerware features and enhancements released this year.


Now that we are nearly halfway through 2018, let’s take a moment to recap and celebrate the Dealerware features and enhancements released this year.

Data Security & Compliance

  • PCI Compliance. Dealerware is officially PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. Your customer’s data has always been secure, but now Dealerware is the only loaner management solution to meet the highest standard of data security.
  • Additional contract toggle. Customers now agree to receiving their loaner agreement via SMS when signing their loaner agreement. Contract summary toggle reads “I agree to receive my loaner contract and receipt communications via SMS”.

Vehicle Tracking

  • View Vehicle position while under contract on the Position tab in Vehicle Details. To activate this feature, you must have Connected Car Devices and be an Admin. Learn more here.

Customer & Expense Management

  • No credit card option. Dealerships can ‘turn off’ the requirement to collect customer credit card information. This change turns off the requirement for all customers. Admins can make this change in Settings > Location > Details. Learn more here.
  • Capture credit card CVV. Help prevent credit card transaction failures. Now, CVV is required for the customer’s payment method. Watch how here.
  • Unsettled Balance information now located on Customer Landing Page. Obtain better insight into which specific customers still owe money to take action. Watch how here.
  • Unsettled Balance toggle. View only customers with unsettled balances.

Loaner Agreement & Contracting

  • Loaner Agreement Signature Placement. Select a location on the Loaner Terms & Conditions document for the customer’s digital signature and contract date. Available to Dealerware Admins only. Learn more here.
  • Contracts landing page shows only live contracts. Live contracts include booked, pending, started, or contracts closed that day. Access closed contracts by flipping the toggle at the top of the page. Finished contracts can be accessed via the Contracts report.
  • Customer address information moved to the Driver’s License section. This allows access to address information if the no credit card option is enabled.
  • Driver’s license link to Contract. View driver’s license information at the time of the contract on the Contract Details page.
  • Contracts dashboard has new information.  Access important contract information faster from the Contracts dashboard. New information includes stock #, VIN, days on loan and est. completion.  The estimated completion column is in preparation for dealership management system (DMS) integration and will initially be blank. If you are a CDK customer and interested in participating in the DMS integration beta, please email [email protected]. Other DMS beta programs will follow.
  • CDK integration (beta).  Reduce your Length of Loan and increase fleet Utilization. With the CDK integration, Repair Order status data will now flow between Dealerware and CDK. Only available to selected beta customers.


  • Insurance Image Zoom. Rollover zoom as well as click-to enlarge the insurance image in a separate tab.
  • Vehicles Not Under Contract Dashboard. View all vehicles not under contract. This dashboard previously displayed a maximum of 30 vehicles.
  • Active Vehicles View. Disposed and decommissioned vehicles are now hidden by default in the Vehicles dashboard. Export a list of your active fleet by clicking “Load All” then “Export All” located at the bottom of the dashboard. Use the “Show Inactive Vehicles” toggle on the top right of the screen to display disposed and decommissioned vehicles. Learn more here. 
  • Sales tax update. Enter a sales tax rate with up to three decimal places in customer expense settings.
  • General Usability. Enjoy improved loaner agreement and fleet upload processes, report sorting, and report download views.


  • Enhanced Utilization report. Gain additional insight into monthly fleet performance with new data points including Available Days, Contract Days, Contract Days Utilization %, and Total Contracts per vehicle.
  • Transactions Report. Use this report to calculate how much money your dealership has recovered through Dealerware. You can also use this report to identify failed transactions to take appropriate action with your customer. Available to Admins only. Learn more here.
  • Export unsettled balance report. From the Customers landing page, toggle “View Unsettled Balances” in the top right. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Load All” then “Export”.  A .CSV file containing the information visible on the Customer landing page will download.
  • Reorganized report pages. Download reports via the download option which is now located outside of the report menu.
  • Contracts report improvements. Understand your dealership’s operation at a deeper level.  Updates include length of loan (two decimal places), user tracking (created, started, finished by), fuel/mileage usage, tax amount, credit amount, scheduled start/finish separate from actual start/finish dates. Note: Started contracts can be accessed and downloaded from the Contracts landing page or Open Contracts on the homepage. Started contracts are not available in the Contracts report.

Employee Roles

  • Reset password functionality. Click “Forgot Password?” in Dealerware web or mobile to quickly regain access.
  • New “View Reports” employee role. Grant employees access to view reports. Previously, reports were only available to Ad .
  • Improved employee role definitions. Assign the right roles to the right employees.


You might have also noticed our new look!  We hope you enjoy the new logo and color scheme. Make sure update your mobile app and login to Dealerware today!

We appreciate your partnership,

The Dealerware Team

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