Dealerware Increases CSI By 27 points According To J.D. Power

JD Power study shows Dealerware increases CSI scores for dealers while eliminating costs in the service center.


Customer satisfaction scores are 27 points higher for dealers using Dealerware vs those who do not.


Average monthly costs eliminated (fuel, tolls, etc.) for dealers while increasing customer satisfaction scores.

Do you want to increase your CSI score?

According to the JD Power 2018 CSI survey, customer satisfaction scores increased by 27 points for dealerships using Dealerware compared to those not using the solution.

The 27 point increase was seen within Service Initiation, one of the largest areas of the survey. It specifically highlights service departments that use Dealerware for their courtesy loaner program compared to dealerships that offered a courtesy loaner with any other competitor.

dealerware jd power csi

What explains this difference?

Within CSI, the Service Initiation Index represents overall satisfaction as indexed by rating questions such as Ease of Scheduling Service Visit and Timeliness of Drop-off Process. These two data points represent much of what makes up the customer experience.

And just looking at these two data points, the Dealerware scores are significantly higher than with non-Dealerware loaner programs.

dealerware jd power csi

How does Dealerware make such a positive impact on customer satisfaction scores?

Simply put, Dealerware helps dealers become more profitable by taking a fresh approach to one of dealerships’ most pressing problems today, loaner fleet management.

By using a fully mobile platform, we elevate the customer experience by reducing a process that used to take 30 minutes down to 60 seconds, all while saving dealers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

dealerware jd power csi

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