Case Study: Hennessy Auto Group

Hennessy Auto Group reduces replacement transportation costs by 57%

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Goal: Regain Control of the Customer Experience

Hennessey Auto Group has always placed an immense amount of focus on providing excellent service to customers. With a reputation for catering to the individual needs of each person who walks through their doors, Hennessy recognized that a key customer touch point within the after sales experience – the courtesy loaner process – was falling short of consumer expectations.

After bringing a car in for service, customers would face potentially long wait times for a loaner vehicle to arrive via a third-party rental company. A separate transaction process was required to complete the loan, which consumed valuable time and opened the door to privacy concerns given the paper trail required for each contract.

Once Hennessy turned customers over to the third-party operator they lost complete control over the customer experience. Without visibility into the condition of the loaner vehicles or timeliness of the loan process, Hennessy recognized they were taking on considerable costs by outsourcing loaner management with a declining return on that investment.

Solution: Empower Employees with a Flexible, Fully Connected Mobility Solution

Taking a forward-looking approach to shifts in consumer preferences, Hennessy embarked on a new phase to modernize the after sales process and regain control of the customer experience from start to finish.

Three Hennessy dealerships – Jaguar Land Rover Buckhead, North Atlanta, and Gwinnett – began the loaner digitization process with the implementation of Dealerware. All loaner vehicles were outfitted with a Connected Car Device and integrated into the Dealerware platform. Employees then downloaded the Dealerware app to begin taking a completely mobile approach to servicing customers.

With the app, Service Advisors are able to credential customers in seconds and automatically capture the vehicle’s condition, mileage, and fuel level at the start and close of each contract. Contracts are generated and closed with the tap of a button and customers receive links to a contract copy and receipt via text message. With a completely mobile solution, teams are now able to service customers in the service bay, at home or work, and anywhere that is convenient for the customer.

The Dealerware dashboard allows staff to easily manage assets by providing real-time visibility into the entire fleet with up-to-date information on each vehicle’s availability, fuel levels, mileage, and exact location on the lot. Managers are able to track KPIs such as length of loan, fleet utilization, and amount of recovered fuel costs to ensure the team is operating at maximum levels of efficiency.

Results: Seamless Service Drives Increased Profit & Productivity

Within a few weeks the three dealerships were able to bring the entire loaner operation in-house, enabling Service Advisors to own the entire customer interaction from start to finish.

The ability to digitally scan and record a customer’s credit card, license, and insurance allowed the dealerships to significantly accelerate the contract process without having to take on the risk of physically filing paperwork containing sensitive information. Craig Anderson, Corporate Controller for Hennessy, explains, “Our customer base varies widely in the way they adopt technology but Dealerware helps us cater to each customer’s needs seamlessly. The platform allows us to transact with customers in a way they are becoming accustomed to at other retailers, and the shift has had a measurable positive impact on our CSI.”

Hennessy doubled their fleet size with the move away from a third party operator and still managed to cut loaner-related costs by 57% through added efficiencies made possible by the Dealerware platform. Across the three dealerships, Hennessy is now saving $310k in loaner vehicle costs annually. With fewer resources needed to service each customer, along with the ability to recapture 100% of fuel costs, the service departments are now handling 95-115 repair orders a day while increasing the value of each appointment.

“I was thrilled to hear about the cycle time enhancement that will allow us to automatically track time from when we notify the customer their car is ready until the time they return the loaner. This is awesome news!”

Craig Anderson, Hennessy