Saving Money and Time

Audi Grapevine saves time and recoups costs

Program Highlights


Savings in Recovered Tolls
Over Four Months


Employee Hours Saved
Over Four Months


Hours Given Back To Customers
Over Four Months

Audi Grapevine

Grapevine, Texas

Fleet Size:
67 vehicles

Dealerware Software, Toll Manager

Recover lost tolls

Tolls were a major source of friction for Audi Grapevine and with over 1,000 tolls a month to manage, that friction meant throwing good money after bad. The choice was either to not manage the process and eat the cost, or allocate valuable employee resources toward the tedious process of trying to connect contracts to tolls for payment.

Since implementing Dealerware, Audi Grapevine is saving valuable time, recouping massive costs, and improving the customer experience.

“We have been busier than ever in a new building with larger fleet.Now that we have the seamless experience of Dealerware to manage
tolls, I’m saving at least an hour a day and can now spend more time on
customer experience.”

Alysa Ory, Audi Grapevine