Streamlined & Saved

Audi Pembroke Pines recovers fuel costs and receives positive feedback

Program Highlights


Total Costs Recovered

Over 9 Months


Average Employee Hours

Saved Each Month

Fleet Size:
40-90 vehicles

Audi Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines, Florida

Dealerware Software, Connected Car Devices, Toll Management

Prior to using Dealerware, Audi Pembroke Pines relied on paper contracts and other manual systems for managing their loaner program. Additionally, the time it took to manually record fuel and mileage, recover fuel and toll costs, and track their loaner vehicles quickly added up. These inefficiencies, along with the desire to always improve the customer experience, led Audi Pembroke Pines to explore a new way of doing things.

Before implementing Dealerware, Audi Pembroke Pines chose not charge the customer for fuel when a car was returned. Their loaner contract was long and some customers who didn’t read through it were upset when charged for fuel after returning the loaner vehicle. With Dealerware, however, the terms and conditions are clearly displayed on the digital contract and each one has to be acknowledged on the screen by the customer before completing the agreement. As a result of this transparency, the dealership is now automatically recovering fuel costs while receiving positive feedback from customers about the new process.

Since using Dealerware, Audi Pembroke Pines has been able to speed up the process of getting a customer into a loaner vehicle. The dealership is now using Dealerware’s fully digital solution to get customers into loaner vehicles in just five minutes, which is three times faster than the previous system. And all of that time spent receiving, tracking, and billing for toll charges is now completely streamlined using Dealerware’s Toll Management Service that automates the entire process. These improvements have allowed the service team members to focus on more high value activities and run a more efficient operation.