Program Highlights


Total Costs Recovered
over 7 Months


Employee Hours Saved
Over 7 Months

A Seamless Upgrade

Prior to the implementation of Dealerware, Audi Rusnak/Westlake’s loaner program relied heavily on paper processes that created inefficencies for employees and increased the amount of time customers spent in the loaner contract process.

“Before, some answers involved too much guess work.” says Karen Arambula, Service Manager at Audi Rusnak/Westlake. Karen said that the service team now simply uses an iPad to scan customer credentials, create the loaner contract, and review vehicle vitals including fuel and mileage.

Monitoring and optimizing length-of-loan was a primary focus for Karen and her team. In addition to the digital contracting process, the data showcased in the Dealerware dashboard provides them with insights they are utilizing to reduce the amount of time vehicles are out on loan.

The service advisors at Audi Rusnak/Westlake are now spending less time handling paperwork and more time focusing on delivering great customer experiences.

“I think the fuel was a major problem before. They wouldn’t charge for it. But now they do it automatically.”

Karen Arambula, Service Manager – Audi Rusnak/Westlake