Dealerware is the first fully compatible OBD2 device capable of integrating with the Jaguar Land Rover vehicle platform across all makes and models. After working directly with JLR dealerships to test and evaluate the right firmware to eliminate the concerns associated with OBD2 plugins on Jaguar Land Rover fleet, Dealerware now gives industry first visibility into your loaner fleet and the ability to drive never before available efficiencies.

  • Real-time automated fuel monitoring and recovery
  • GPS location tracking at all times
  • Integrated lot management and KPI reporting
  • Vehicle damage tracking (beta)

Current Dealerware Jaguar Land Rover customers are enjoying cost recovery that typically pays for the entire program, but are also seeing more efficient fleet utilization, eliminating man hours needed to run the program, and cutting down the time it takes to put customers into a loaner car by 10 – 15 minutes.