Dealerware Insights Reporting Suite

Maximize nationwide loaner program performance with data that provides insights beyond information.

Actionable reporting, out-of-the-box

Make it easy for users to navigate the large amount of fleet performance data with results-oriented reporting, including:

  • Revenue Recovery
  • Service Advisor
  • Vehicles
  • Utilization
  • Contracts
  • KPI Review

Fully customizable reporting

Easily create customized reports, with the click of a button, from a nationwide view down to the VIN-level. Filter reports by:

  • Geography: Region, market, area, dealership
  • Vehicles: Status, make, model, and more
  • Date: Drill down to exact date ranges
  • KPIs: Utilization, length of loan, and more

Automate and share reports

Schedule reports to be distributed to stakeholders and automate for recurring distribution.

Export and merge data

Insights data can be easily exported, in multiple formats, for use in proprietary business intelligence systems.

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