Dealerware Insights

Insights beyond information.

Dealerware Insights surfaces the data needed to maximize loaner program performance. From a nationwide view down to VIN level, uncover data around fleet performance, revenue recovery, and employee performance to inform your loaner program strategy.

Dashboards to discover data
and identify trends.

Reporting Dashboard

Revenue Recovery Dashboard

Service Advisor Dashboard

Filter, segment, and sort
for targeted insights.

Vehicles Dashboard

Utilization Dashboard

Training Dashboard

Insights to monitor
loaner fleet performance.

Which dealerships in my region have utilization rates lower than 50%?

How many vehicles in this area have a Length of Loan greater than five days?

Insights to drive decisions
and maximize profitability.

How many vehicles have 8,000 – 10,000 miles? These can now be transferred to pre-owned.

What’s the potential fuel recovery for my region?

Insights to manage employee performance.

Who are the top performing service advisors?

How much of the Dealerware Core training
has the team completed?