Frequently asked questions

What can I expect in the implementation process?

On average, customers can expect a 3 week implementation process. Once you sign up online, a readiness checklist will be automatically emailed to you. Next, a Dealerware Customer Success Specialist will contact you to assist with implementation steps including how to upload your fleet, set up employee users, and upload your dealership’s loaner agreement and contract summaries. We have also developed a series role-based training videos that will assist your employees in getting started.

Can you integrate with third party systems, including proprietary software?

Dealerware has made significant investments in developing an open API because we believe in openness, flexibility, and compatibility with other eco-system partners. Our customers have unlimited access to our RESTful API without any additional costs. This allows for the flexibility to integrate into your process and systems without you having to build into ours.

What if I don’t charge my customers for fuel or toll costs?

Use of the Dealerware platform does not mandate that you charge customers. We understand that some service departments forgo any attempts to recover customer incurred costs. Our dealerships find that the ability to get a customer in a car and on their way in under 60 seconds drives higher CSI, and that lift alone will be worth the investment.

However, we have also seen that service customers typically don’t have a problem paying for fuel, tolls, or tickets when the process is seamless, digital, and accurate. Given the workflow built into the Dealerware app, Service Advisors are in a better position to set expectations upfront and avoid surprising the customer with unexpected charges upon return of the vehicle. Charges can also be set to “pending” and flagged for later review if you do not wish to charge immediately.

What if my team isn’t tech-savvy and doesn’t understand the benefit?

Dealerware provides hands on assistance along with online training curriculum with 24/7 support should you need it. The Intuitive design makes it simple to get started.

Is my customer data secure?

Digital transactions offer more security for dealerships and drastically reduce the risk that paper-based systems present when managing sensitive customer information. We have a privacy policy powered by best in class data security systems designed to keep your customers’ information safe. Our commitment around data protection drives how we design and continue to evolve the platform.

How does toll recovery work?

Dealerware is the only platform in the country with integration into the Highway Toll Authority. Once your fleet is outfitted with toll tags, any charges incurred while a vehicle is on loan will be associated with the appropriate customer contract as soon as the charge is posted by HTA. Customers are then digitally charged to the card that was scanned using the Dealerware app during the credentialing process.

What if we outsource the loaner car rental process to a third party?

Using Dealerware makes bringing the loaner management program into the dealership cost efficient and easy to administer. Dealerware empowers you to put a priority on customer service, removing pain points like sending people to a separate location to pick up a car or risk having a customer turn in a vehicle for service only to be placed in an unsatisfactory, lower-quality loaner. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about third party operators pressuring your customers into buying insurance for the loaner.

How can I locate a vehicle on my lot?

Dealers using the Dealerware Connected Car Device have the ability to visually track loaner vehicles on the lot by viewing them on the dashboard fleet map.

Can I track vehicles that have not been returned?

We can identify the whereabouts of lost or stolen vehicles, as well as surface notifications when customers hit specified geo-fences, set collision warnings, and even identify their return to your dealership. We do not expose the location of vehicles under loaner contract simply to protect your customers’ privacy and mitigate liability.

How many users can be added to the Dealerware platform?

We have a flat fee for access to the platform; an unlimited number of users can be added to the Dealerware platform at no charge.

I can’t justify a higher cost than what I’m already paying today

Evaluating Dealerware requires consideration of the total value that will be realized in man-hours saved, elimination of customer wait-times, and increased efficiencies in utilization that in some cases even lead to fleet reduction. Typically the ability to recover fuel and tolls costs alone will justify the price. Please see our case studies to learn more about how customers are saving up to $100k/year from increased operational efficiency and recovering nearly $2k/month in fuel costs.