Frequently asked questions


How long will it take to be up and running on Dealerware?

Implementation varies by dealership but most customers are fully up and operational within three weeks. The implementation process will depend on the priorities and schedules of your service team.

What assistance is provided during the implementation process?

A customer success specialist will be in contact to walk through the setup of Dealerware and introduce the interactive suite of training videos. Onsite implementation and training by a certified Dealerware consultant is also available for an additional cost.

Who should manage Dealerware at my dealership?

We recommend that the Dealerware solution be managed by the service manager or someone directly involved in daily loaner fleet operations. This person will manage user access and permissions and ensure all users are properly trained.

Does Dealerware integrate with any third-party systems or DMS platforms?

Our customers have unlimited access to our RESTful API without any additional costs. This allows for the flexibility to integrate into your process and systems without you having to build into ours. And our list of DMS partners is constantly growing. Inquire with your sales consultant about your specific platform needs.

Products & Services

How does toll recovery work?

Dealerware is the only platform in the country with integration into the US Toll Authorities. Once your fleet is outfitted with toll tags, any charges incurred while a vehicle is on loan will be linked to the appropriate customer contract. Customers are then charged automatically.

Do I have to purchase CCDs and toll management with Dealerware?

Dealerware’s CCDs and toll management service are not required purchases. However, most of our customers have seen significant cost recovery and an increase to their bottom line by taking advantage of the full Dealerware solution.

What if I don’t charge my customers for fuel or toll costs?

Use of the Dealerware platform does not mandate that you charge customers. Charges can also be set to “pending” and flagged for later review if you do not wish to charge immediately. However, given the workflow built into the Dealerware app, Service Advisors are in a better position to set expectations upfront and avoid surprising the customer with unexpected charges upon return of the vehicle.

How many users can be added to the Dealerware platform?

We have a flat fee for access to the platform; an unlimited number of users can be added to the Dealerware platform at no charge.

Privacy & Security

Is Dealerware PCI compliant?

Yes. Dealerware is compliant with the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard, the highest benchmark of payment security in the industry. More importantly, this compliance carries over to the mobile app, allowing off-site payment processing for your customers.