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April 4-6, 2022

To catch up on 2021 INSPIRE livestream sessions, see details and links to recordings in the section below.

  • Visionaries from different industries discussed how they're building partnership ecosystems to deliver more powerful tools and services in their industry.
  • Gain perspective on what makes an API strategy successful, and how to make the most of your partnerships.
  • Learn how leaders in the API economy plan to seize opportunity presented by emerging technologies and integrations.

Meet the Panel

Chris Taylor

VP and GM, Neuron
CDK Global

Marc Diouane

Chief Business Officer,

Craig Weingarten

Global Head of Industry, Automotive & QSR, Spotify

Mark Halsell

Director of Corporate Development, Dealerware

Moderated by:

Courtney White

VP, Marketing &
Communications, Dealerware | Moderator

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Session 4

Building Predictive Services with Data and Tech

Behind every personalized lineup of “binge-worthy new shows for you,” or perfectly-timed offers for 30% off an oil change, an algorithm crunches data to take a best guess at when and how to deliver a specific message to a specific person. The incredible amount of data we have about shopping, eating, driving and other habits makes it possible to accurately predict consumer needs – and in turn, today’s consumer may even expect to be reminded about past purchases and future needs.

In the fourth and final INSPIRE Session of 2021, panelists discussed the benefits predictive algorithms can have for both consumers and businesses, where predictive service offerings are making new headway, and how emerging use cases for predictive algorithms can advance with more sophisticated supporting tech.

Watch a clip from INSPIRE Session 3

Session 3

The Power of APIs for Digital Transformation

More than ever before, digital ecosystems are empowering enterprises in the same or adjacent industries to collaborate to the mutual benefit of their own business, and their customers’. The common denominator powering an explosion of collaboration are APIs, application programming interfaces. APIs bind together digital ecosystems that widen the range of services any business can provide, and allow those companies to reach wider audiences in saturated networks and e-commerce markets.

In Dealerware’s third INSPIRE Session, thought leaders from CDK Global, Checkr, Dealerware and Spotify shared strategies for making the most of integrations and partner ecosystems, and how new innovations will allow them to curate services for customers in rapidly-evolving and competitive spaces. Watch now to learn how you can leverage other companies’ expertise to enhance your customers’ experiences and widen your reach with smart API strategies.

Watch a clip from INSPIRE Session 3

Session 2

From Condos to Cars: The Evolution of the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy saw massive shifts in the past year as people dealt with COVID-19 shutdowns and quarantine fatigue, then learned to balance their comfort levels in private, shared and public spaces. As the pandemic continues, people have new needs for shared spaces and things, and consumer demand is increasing for unique and specific sharing solutions. Real-estate and transportation are two areas that have seen particularly rapid change where new standards created hyper-niche platforms that cater to consumers seeking utility, escapism and flexibility, whether in their personal life or at work.

Hear from visionaries in real estate and transportation as they dive into the latest ways they’re shifting, innovating and solving new problems while their customers redefine life, work and play. INSPIRE Session 2 offers insight into how any business can take advantage of shifts in the sharing economy, react in step with changing customer demands and stay ahead of the curve as our new normal takes shape.

Watch a clip from INSPIRE Session 2

Session 1

Convenience is King: The Future of Retail

Some of the innovative solutions businesses adopted as lifelines during 2020 seemed at first to be temporary safety measures, but they’ve since transformed how both brick and mortar businesses and online retailers work. From touchless payments for your morning coffee, to vehicle pickup and delivery, consumer behavior patterns seem changed for good.

In the inaugural INSPIRE Session, our expert panelists discussed the most impactful changes happening now to customer expectations. They shared different approaches to delivering new experiences, and talked about innovations that help different businesses succeed in a new normal.

Watch a clip from INSPIRE Session 1