The Loaner Fleet Playbook

Take Control of your Loaner Fleet

Dealerware offers the tools to take control of your loaner fleet program. Automation tools and programs can only do so much if you don’t have the processes and systems in place to build success.

Dealerware prepared this playbook to help dealership service centers implement operational best practices in their fleet management. The included tips, tactics, and timelines will prove useful to both managers and employees.


Create Efficiencies

The more efficient your business processes are, the more time you can spend on increasing customer satisfaction. Having the proper planning and monitoring in place for fleet aging, mileage and utilization, and related KPIs will best allow you to streamline operations.

Elevate Customer Experience

Providing qualified customers a loaner vehicle is a great way to improve overall customer satisfaction at your dealership. A reliable process lets you stay focused on providing premium customer service.

Standardize Daily Tasks

The service department is full of various technologies and processes. Everything from monitoring the status of a loaner fleet to making sure the keys are organized and stored conveniently will impact the productivity and efficiency of your service department.

Download the Playbook