Easy-to-understand value with simplified pricing and a streamlined solution.

Dealerware Management Platform

$500 per month

  • Gain real-time visibility into your fleet for more efficient management
  • Maximize productivity with seamless billing
  • Gain actionable insights with dynamic reporting
  • Enhance the experience with digital on-boarding
  • Know what’s happening with your loaner fleet with real-time dashboards
  • Receive flat pricing regardless of fleet size
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Fully optimize your Dealerware solution

Connected Car Device

$25 per car per month

  • Recover costs by automatically charging for fuel and mileage
  • Increase your capabilities through location features
  • Enable your staff with simplified digital lot management
  • View real-time fleet status on a map
  • Know the true status of your vehicles with collision-detection

Toll Management Service

$10 per car per month

  • Recover toll costs through our seamless integration with the HTA
  • Improve employee efficiencies by eliminating the paper trail
  • Simplify the toll process for both staff and customers through automation
  • Enhance the customer experience with a convenient toll process

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