Fleet management has never been so easy

Modernizing your contracting software is only the first step in optimizing your fleet. Additional services can help you maximize cost recovery, save time, and increase vehicle utilization.
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Connected Car

GPS tracking and off-lot detection ensure your most valuable assets are protected, while instant mileage, fuel and damage reporting at contract close not only saves you time in the service lane but helps you recover costs that can really add up.

Toll Management

Recover 100% of toll costs and late fees while eliminating the time needed to track down and bill your customers, with automated toll management and processing and instant one-time customer billing.
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Customer Success

Our customers are our #1 priority. We deliver the same level of support to every single customer at no additional cost. Your team can start mobile contracting in 60 minutes or less and receive continued support with an average response time of 24 minutes.

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