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It starts with Dealerships

Optimize fleet operations across multiple locations, recovering more cost and providing a consistent, elevated customer experience.

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McDonald Auto Group implements a fully digital process to save time and recover costs across multiple locations.

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Actionable insights

Empower your dealer group with scalable, aggregate reporting of multiple portfolios & locations, all in a “single pane of glass” view.

Schedule & automate report distributions

Customize report fields by region, market, dealership, and more

Export & merge data for use in proprietary business intelligence systems

fleet valuation

Goodbye guesswork

Use machine learning to monitor live market-level valuation of retailer fleets in future 30, 60, 90 day intervals to optimize turntime & revenue recovery

Predict how many days a vehicle will take to sell at a specific dealership

Monitor projected value of entire fleet down to individual vehicles

See how market dynamics affect dealership profits

Lot Management

Monitor every vehicle

Capture real-time reporting for every unit on retailer lots, deterring theft or misuse, locating units across disjointed lots, and simplifying floor plan audits.

Always know where your vehicles are with real-time GPS location

Critical information, like vehicle health, mileage, and more, available at your fingertips

Protect your assets with geo-fencing and off lot notifications

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Powerful data

With the Dealerware Web real-time reporting dashboard, dealerships gain complete visibility into fleet and mobility program performance.

customer success

The power
of partnership

At Dealerware, we take Customer Success seriously. We’ve built a 5-step program that accelerates your time to value with tested processes, dedicated people, and scalable technology.
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Yes, that’s right — minutes!

Dealerware has been a game-changer for us. Now we know all the most important information about our fleet in real-time, we’re saving thousands of dollars a month in fuel recovery, and most importantly, we are delighting customers with a modern experience.

Damon Spears

General Manager – Jaguar Land Rover Austin

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With Dealerware’s real-time reporting dashboard, dealerships gain complete visibility into fleet and loaner program performance.



Maximize nationwide loaner program performance with data that provides insights beyond information.

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