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Dealerware is a single platform solution that provides cost recovery, time-saving automation, and strategic, actionable data for dealerships, dealer groups, and OEMs.


Dealerware is a fully connected mobility solution that streamlines fleet management at automotive dealerships. The connected, intelligent platform makes dealers more profitable while elevating the customer experience.

  • Optimize fleet utilization
  • Automatically capture and recover costs
  • Streamline loaner management
  • Start and end contracts anywhere, contact-free
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Dealer Groups

Dealerware Insights provides broad, fleet performance reporting that leads to optimized fleet utilization for increased revenue.

  • Optimize fleet utilization across multiple locations
  • Deliver consistent, elevated customer experience
  • Schedule & automate report distribution
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Utilizing Dealerware Insights, OEMs gain access to actionable data that drives fleet program performance and elevates customer experiences.

  • Capture real-time reporting for every connected vehicle
  • Customize report fields by region, market & more
  • Flex & scale customer-centric mobility offerings
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+ 27
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Strategic partnership with Mercedes-Benz Manhattan

The service team at Mercedes-Benz of Manhattan continue to run a successful courtesy car operation, despite the challenges created by their previous fleet management system.

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