Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration
Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration

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The service staff at your dealership is the cornerstone of fleet operations and overall service department performance. They hold every part of the operation in balance. How can managers create an effective and efficient team?

Service advisors’ decisions and habits

Employee habits and day-to-day decisions affect utilization rates, unrecovered costs, the efficiency of the program, customer experience, and ultimately the bottom line.

If fuel charges typically accumulate on specific vehicles, it’s likely that one employee is either rushing through contract processes, and customers may not understand the dealership’s refueling fees. Similarly, employees might be failing to inform customers that they need to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel. Employees will then have to spend time driving returned vehicles out for refueling.

Maybe a team member is not effectively communicating with customers about completed repairs and unnecessarily extending the contract.

Without a tool to track employee performance, managers are not able to identify the issue and work towards a smarter approach with service advisors.

Insight into employee performance and smarter management

Dealerware provides employee performance data to help you understand how team members’ decisions, habits, and the tools they use contribute to overall operational efficiency. 

Team managers can look through past contracts and employee KPIs to find any indications of slipping performance. For example, if an employee is accumulating unrecovered costs, like fuel charges they waived, or if a specific employee’s average length of rental is increasing, these are signs that guidance might be needed. 

The overall performance of your fleet operations comes back to smart management. Drawing insight from employee performance data helps managers come up with an action plan to set new goals for your dealership and coach your team to ensure that contracting processes are being completed correctly and program rules and limitations are being effectively communicated to customers.

Signs of top performers.

The key is for individual employees to contribute to the teams’ goal of a low average contract length and to increase the total number of contracts being written. More contracts written means more business is coming in and shorter contracts length means the fleet is doing its job to support higher customer volumes.

If you want to learn how to manage your team better, identify performance trends, and optimize your strategy, download our Insights to Action Playbook here: Power Fleet Operations with Data Playbook.

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