Costs Instantly

Automatically capture and recover costs like fuel, tolls, and damage while providing transparency to the customer.


Digital automation streamlines loaner management with visibility into utilization, staff performance, and KPI reporting.

Customer Satisfaction

Digitize the contract process so you can eliminate lines, paperwork, and save your customers time.

DEALERWARE is the world’s first fully digital, fully connected Service Loaner Management platform.

DEALERWARE automates the most time-consuming tasks related to loaner expense management while enhancing the customer experience with a completely digital, paperless process.

Say goodbye to long lines.

With the DEALERWARE App, Service Advisors can collect customer information in seconds, process payments securely, and complete contracts without a shred of paper.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

The DEALERWARE Dashboard provides direct insight into fleet utilization along with a summary of KPIs such as total amount of fuel recovered and average length of loan.

Align business decisions with accurate data.

Use our Integrated Reporting Suite to uncover actionable insights or pull all data into your own business intelligence platform.

Enhance the DEALERWARE Platform with these additional products and services:

Let your fleet run itself.

With DEALERWARE Connected Car Devices, your fleet will do all of the work for you with real-time alerts on activity and location, fuel and mileage tracking, and warnings about unauthorized travel and potential damage.

Never worry about toll violations again.

DEALERWARE’s Toll Management Service removes the burden of spending hours tracking down customers and re-assigning toll charges. We manage accounts with the Highway Toll Authority to track charges and bill your customers digitally.

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Case Study

McDonald Automotive Group Case Study: Audi Denver

Ultimately, greater productivity and streamlined workflows led to a $304k savings, propelling Audi Denver to reach their goal of controlling costs while providing outstanding customer service.

I’m very impressed with DEALERWARE. After years of working with vendors that do it “their way” and are unwilling to listen to our needs, the DEALERWARE team is just the opposite. We’ve migrated from a challenged operation with TSD, to a much more efficient, more effective operation with DEALERWARE. The DEALERWARE team was able to deliver such a high value product because they were willing and wanted to listen and study, fully understand the scope of a service loaner operation, and most importantly, they wanted to make a great product and made the investment to make it happen. DEALERWARE really is the future of loaner car management.

Daren Ferguson

Parts and Service Director

Audi Stevens Creek

DEALERWARE fleet management has taken our loaner fleet to the next level. Painless and paperless is how it should be.

Alex Adams

Service Advisor

Audi North Austin

Switching to DEALERWARE enabled us to save $100K/yr in loaner-related employee expense. With a fully digital platform, we need fewer people to run the loaner program, it’s as simple as that. Further, the speed and ease with which we can now process loaner contracts has increased our CSI. Our operation is as efficient as it’s ever been, our team is achieving new levels of productivity, and our customers are rewarding us with higher satisfaction scores. We couldn’t be happier.

Chris Coxall

Fixed Operations Director

Audi Denver

We are always pushing ourselves to think about new ways to enhance our customers’ experience at every touchpoint. With DEALERWARE, customers may now bring their vehicle in for service and leave with a complimentary loan car without waiting in a line or completing a form. Not only do our customers appreciate a completely digital, paperless process, but our associates are able to maximize speed and productivity with real-time visibility into our fleet utilization.

Carl Sewell III

President of Operations

Sewell Automotive Companies

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