Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration
Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration

Orbee and Dealerware Integrate to Leverage Rental Offerings within Car Shopper Lifecycles

This integration enables dealerships to improve their customer experience by offering rental options to customers who are not ready to buy or lease a vehicle.


IRVINE, CA (January 31, 2024) – Orbee, Inc., a leader in customer experience middleware for the automotive industry, is thrilled to announce an integration with Dealerware, a premier provider of vehicle rental and fleet management solutions. This integration will enable dealerships to offer car rental services to customers based on signals in their shopping journey creating new ways to engage with shoppers while introducing new revenue channels for dealers.

Dealerware’s software powers the future of fleets on a single platform and provides a range of capabilities including loaner fleet management and rental program management. Mobility programs such as these provide dealers the opportunity to increase brand loyalty, attract new customers while building brand awareness, and offset vehicle fleet expenses, while offering customers a chance to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of short term vehicle use.

Dealerships who utilize Orbee to segment their audiences based on a more comprehensive view of customer journeys can identify candidates for rentals whether it is to offer a bridge between leases, longer-term test drive, rental for lifestyle events such as vacations, and an alternative when affordability is an issue. Once prospects are matched to these segments based on historical data, Orbee’s integrated marketing capabilities including on-site display advertising, email marketing, and more can engage shoppers to offer these alternatives to buying and leasing. This especially applies to shoppers that need to be re-engaged from previous or real-time abandonments in the buying process.

The integration with Dealerware also includes analytics and activity tracking within the Dealerware rental user interface and backend systems to provide end-to-end visibility to further enhance the customer journeys for engaging those renters for car purchases and leases or subsequent rentals. 

“This integration showcases the possibilities when connecting a CDP to unique offerings using the power of middleware,” shared Peter Fong, Orbee’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Using Dealerware to introduce a rental offering, dealerships can engage customers in new ways that can build long-lasting and diversified relationships with customers.”

“As Dealerware continues to develop solutions for automotive retailers and OEMs, our integration with Orbee offers dealerships new ways to accelerate consumer awareness and engagement with mobility offerings. With Dealerware’s single platform to manage courtesy, rental, test drive, and subscription use cases integrated with Orbee’s data and experience platform, both consumers and dealerships win, explains Matt Carpenter, CEO, Dealerware, Consumers get the benefit of more flexible mobility offerings, and dealerships unlock new revenue streams.”
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