Loaner Fleet Management Playbook

Courtesy loaner fleets are powerful pieces of a great customer service experience. In this playbook we’ve compiled best practices for modern fleet management that you can put into action at your dealership today. Also inside, find how tools like Dealerware give dealerships actionable insights that can help simplify fleet management, drive profitability and give your dealership a competitive advantage.
Dealerware's loaner fleet management playbook will teach you how to launch a new courtesy loaner fleet, create excellent dealership customer service experiences, and minimize the costs of operating a courtesy loaner fleet.


Maximize Cost Recovery

Automate the recovery of fuel, toll and damage costs to make your courtesy loaner program more efficient.

Drive Strategy with Data

Use key fleet performance indicators to set smart cost recovery, infleeting and defleeting strategies.

Elevate Customer Experiences

Exceed customer expectations for service experiences with easy-to-use digital tools and transparent contracts.

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