OEM Playbook: Courtesy Vehicle Program Launches

Modernizing fleet mobility programs across a retail network doesn't need to be daunting. This Playbook identifies the challenges inherent in large-scale program upgrades and provides strategic recommendations to help any OEM effectively plan for and successfully launch a new courtesy loaner, vehicle rental or other mobility program.


Faster program adoption

Learn to develop stakeholder and retail advocacy programs and understand how different launch strategies impact retail network adoption.

Powerful fleet insights

Gain a more complete understanding of fleet vehicle utilization, profitability and how to help vendor partners deliver program value sooner.

Fleets ready for a new future

Position retail networks to deploy innovative new fleet offerings aligned with changing consumer mobility needs.

Stay up to date


Mobility Program Management

Dealerware is the central platform for the connected retail fleet. We’re here to help you connect, accelerate and transform your courtesy loaner program.

Reporting & Analytics

Equip your retailers for a more profitable future. Dealerware delivers cost recovery, time-saving automation and powerful reporting tools.