Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration
Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration

Goodbye paper! Modernizing fleet management at Mercedes of Manhattan

How Dealerware helped Mercedes of Manhattan slash customer wait times from 2 to 20 minutes and recover hundreds of dollars from each vehicle, every month.


The service team at Mercedes-Benz of Manhattan continue to run a successful courtesy car operation, despite the challenges created by their previous fleet management system.


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“Managing a paper-based system took up so much time, not just processing our customers, but also managing our fleet,” says Kendra Savage, their Alternative Transportation Team Lead.


Eliminating Costs

After evaluating alternative options, the team implemented Dealerware’s fleet management platform and has seen amazing results. “With Dealerware being mobile, our customer wait time is down to just a few minutes and we’re recovering 100% of our fuel and toll costs with the click of a button,” says Anthony Lichmore, Alternative Transportation team member. In it’s first month alone, the dealership already recovered nearly $39/unit/month in fuel costs and $170/unit/month in toll costs.


Program Efficiencies

With over 150 vehicles in their fleet, Mercedes-Benz of Manhattan needed a platform that could simplify the process of managing such a large fleet. “Mobility with Dealerware has taken the guesswork and inefficiencies out of fleet management. With GPS, now we know exactly where our vehicles are located, which has improved our operational efficiency significantly,” says Kendra. The team has reduced the process time for customers from 20 minutes down to just 2 minutes using Dealerware’s fully digital approach.


Customer Experience

The team has even received positive feedback from customers on the improvements.

“Our customers really like the modern, digital approach. Signing a tablet, receiving text message updates with receipts, and even the simplified contract toggles which makes it easier to set expectations,” says Anthony. Previously, the dealership had to add charges to the R.O. and customers then had to wait in line at the cashier to resolve their balance.


New Service Enablement

The benefits of Dealerware have also extended beyond the dealership with the pickup and delivery services they offer. “With Dealerware’s secure mobile platform, we can capture credentials, create contracts, and have agreements automatically sent via text to our customers on-the-spot when we pick up their vehicle. Client confidentiality is now more secure since we no longer carry around paper contracts and photocopies of credentials,” says Kendra.


Actionable Reporting

At the management level, the Dealerware platform has given the dealership visibility into their fleet performance far beyond anything they had access to before. “With all of the reports available in Dealerware Web, I have access to real-time fleet data that my team and I can act on immediately,” says Kendra.

The team is now able to review and monitor KPIs including utilization, length-of-loan, fuel recovery, Service Advisor performance metrics and more – all available on the Dealerware dashboard. What used to require running a multitude of reports can now be accomplished by visiting the dashboard.


Strategic Partnership

“The level of support and reliability has been amazing. I have the utmost confidence that we can rely on Dealerware as a strategic partner as we continue to grow and optimize our business operations,” says Kendra.

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