Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration
Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration

How the Dealerware + RedCap Integration Powers Out-of-Dealership Excellence

A new partnership between Dealerware and RedCap provides dealerships with a simple solution to loaner pickup and delivery that will boost CSI scores.


Dealerware and RedCap, an industry-leading provider of pickup and delivery services, announced in October 2020 a partnership designed to deliver dealerships a simpler, integrated experience for managing loaner vehicle pickups and deliveries. 

The convenience of Dealerware’s cost recovery tools and 60-second contracting processes (and Contactless Contracting) paired with RedCap’s simple scheduling service and network of drivers make the integrated service a perfect tool to help dealerships deliver services wherever their customers are. 

Dealerships that use Dealerware can provide CSI-boosting valet services without hiring drivers, assigning staff new management responsibilities or relying on paper processes to properly contract customers away from the dealership. Below, learn more about how the integrated tools work together to improve CSI scores and make dealerships more efficient.

How it works

Dealerware and RedCap’s services complement one another to remove administrative tasks from dealerships and simplify service experiences for customers. RedCap traditionally excels in streamlining repair order processes related to customer cars, while Dealerware’s core expertise is in managing fleets of loaner vehicles and contracting customers in fast, secure and simple ways. 

Through the partners’ new integrated service, automotive retailers can now offer to their customers a wide range of out-of-dealership experiences that are secure, delivered in a consistent and modern experience, and won’t require extra manpower or incidental costs.

The partners accomplished this by bringing together Dealerware’s loaner fleet management and contracting tools with RedCap’s scheduling and transportation services. When a customer needs service and wants a loaner vehicle delivered to them (and their own car picked up and driven back to the dealer), they can schedule an appointment and complete a contract on their own device. 

Service managers can create a new contract and send customers a link to add their credentials and sign the contract, so that the loaner agreement begins before the vehicle leaves the dealer lot. 

That’s critical, because dealerships shouldn’t be expected to foot the bill for fuel and tolls when their customers request valet service. Starting the contract before a loaner leaves the dealership on its way to a customer also turns on Dealerware’s automated cost recovery tools, capturing and recovering all the fuel and toll costs incurred until the vehicle is back on the lot and the contract is ended.

Want to learn more about delivering great customer experiences away from your dealership? Click the image to download our guide.

Better for customers

The benefits of loaner vehicles delivered-to-your-door are obvious enough, but this partnership delivers more than vehicles. Today’s consumers expect simple, professional and secure services from any business. At dealerships, the status quo is only just changing from paper contracts and driver’s license photocopies. Customers are much more comfortable today using mobile tools on their own device to share personal information. Easy-to-read agreement summaries and instantly-delivered contract copies also reinforce transparency between customer and dealership, fostering customer trust in their service department.

And, while contactless options today provide a measure of safety and peace-of-mind, customers’ driving and car-shopping habits are changing quickly, revealing new expectations for dealers to meet customers where they are with loaners and even with test drives. The integration of Dealerware’s powerful fleet management tools with RedCap’s out-of-store excellence can help dealers engage customers more effectively from afar.

The result: CSI gains and loyal customers. Studies have shown that the addition of Dealerware’s mobile contracting tools at the dealership increase CSI scores for in-person customers by an average 27 points, while customers who used RedCap’s out-of-dealership offerings report 100-point higher satisfaction scores. 

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