Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration
Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration

Closing 2021, a thank you to our partners

At Dealerware, we believe in the power of partnerships. Our new features and changes across the platform in 2021 exemplified just that.


At Dealerware, customers’ needs are at the center of everything we do. Since our start in 2016, our partners at dealerships, dealer groups, and OEMs have contributed to changes and new features made to the platform. We believe in the power of partnerships and our growth in 2021 exemplified just that. This year we have seen bigger changes than ever before.

Expanding our borders

We started the year by answering calls for better fleet management in Canada, where dealerships typically serve larger areas and loaner fleets can be critical competitive differentiators. With the help of our partners there, Dealerware built out the platform to support French, Canadian currency, and metric measurements. We’ve since had the opportunity to connect with French-speaking dealerships through several webinars, and look forward to broadening our reach North of the border.

New features and improvements

With your help this year, we have implemented new features across the whole platform to unlock new ways for Dealerware customers to better manage and generate revenue from their fleets. You helped us implement Credit Card Holds to ensure recovery of all driving costs incurred under contract such as tolls, gas, and any other unsettled balances.  

A notification informing Dealerware users of the ability to place credit card holds

A popular customer-requested feature this year was Additional Driver options. Creating a way to add additional drivers to contracts has made loaner agreements more flexible and helps keep everyone covered while a loaner car is on the road. Our Vehicle Groups functions also improved through 2021, giving you more flexibility to organize and monetize your fleet, to match the way your customers need service delivered. Contactless Contracts, which launched in 2020 to help keep your teams and your customers safe, have now become a keystone of customer-centric service in 2021. And with your help, we’ve improved our in-app training to give you a faster, more self-enabled approach to onboarding with Dealerware, whether you’re new to a Dealerware dealership, or new to the platform altogether.

Dashboard view of Dealerware platform with training modal

We are committed to growing with you

We’re really proud of the improvements made this year, and we’re continuing to build out new ways to serve your specific needs. Our new website provides a simple, 5-step tool to customize a Dealerware solution to your program, whether you’re running a loaner fleet at a dealership or managing mobility programs for an OEM.  

Launched in Summer 2021, our API portal also helps us meet specific needs by making it easier for us to connect with new partners who already deliver value to you — and you or your other technology partners can reach out to our team for more information about integrations. Finally, to make it even easier for our customers and partners to send us feedback or requests, Dealerware built a new Knowledge Center bot. Message us anytime, and know that a lot of your input ultimately become features in the Dealerware platform. 

Dashboard view of Dealerware platform with search modal

We have always been customer-obsessed, not just because we want you to get the most from Dealerware, but because Dealerware couldn’t be what it is without the input and trust of our amazing customers. Thank you for all you’ve done for us. We look forward to growing with you in 2022.

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