How VW Cherry Hill recoups tolls (and late fees) from the interstate next door

Dealerware helped Cherry Hill Volkswagen move from paper to digital reporting, unlock new profit opportunities, and grow its courtesy loaner fleet.


"When we had opportunities to grow, we were comfortable doubling our fleet because Dealerware enabled us to streamline our operations.” - Bill Owens, Service Manager


Cherry Hill, NJ
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Too Much Paper, Too Few Insights

Bill Owens, Service Manager at Cherry Hill Volkswagen, has been with the dealership for 12 years and is very familiar with the operational challenges of managing a loaner fleet.

“There was no tracking before. No proper documentation,” says Bill, reflecting on their loaner fleet operation before implementing Dealerware. The old process relied on hand-written contracts and carbon copies, requiring the team to make copies of the customer’s driver’s license and insurance and attach them to the contract. Then all of that paperwork had to be filed away, which added even more time to the process.

With Dealerware’s fully digital, fully mobile solution, Bill and his team were able to eliminate the paperwork, reduce the contract and credentialing process down to just minutes, and utilize the Dealerware Dashboard to monitor all of the real-time performance metrics for their loaner fleet.

The actionable data now provided by Dealerware gives the entire team, from advisors all the way up to Principals, the information needed to identify trends, monitor performance, and uncover insights previously unknown. “When we had opportunities to grow, we were comfortable doubling our fleet because Dealerware enabled us to streamlined our operations,” says Bill.


Taking a “Toll” on Productivity

Given that Cherry Hill Volkswagen is located near a major toll road, Dealerware’s toll management service has provided huge value to the service team and Cherry Hill customers. Prior to Dealerware, the dealership didn’t have toll tags on their fleet vehicles, which required the service team to log toll charges on paper and manually search for which customer was in which vehicle – a time consuming process.

Now, toll charges are managed seamlessly with Dealerware’s integration with U.S. toll authorities and customers are charged automatically, saving the dealerships thousands over a six month period. This has allowed their team to create program efficiencies and deliver a great customer experience.


Optimizing Fleet Intelligence

While Bill and his service team have always been able to perform all of the operational duties of running a loaner fleet, one thing that was missing was performance tracking. “That’s why all of the data Dealerware provides us is so important,” say Bill.

Dealerware’s fully mobile contracts, connected car management, and realtime reporting suite give Cherry Hill Volkswagen access to KPIs such as fleet utilization, length of loan, and cost recovery, to name a few.

The dealership continues to serve as a textbook example of how to maximize use of the Dealerware platform to eliminate costs, create efficiencies, and elevate customer experience.

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