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Dealerware is the central platform for the connected retail fleet. We’re here to help you connect, accelerate and transform your courtesy loaner program.

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Unlock all your fleet can do

If you’re managing a courtesy loaner vehicle program from a filing cabinet, your fleet isn’t working as hard as it could to boost your fixed ops volume and build loyalty with your customers.

Dealerware gives you complete control over your fleet from a single dashboard, plus powerful insights about program performance, automated cost recovery and the fastest contracting tool on the market.

Do more than manage your fleet, maximize it

Dealerware is the reliable, fast and easy-to-use platform you need to maximize your fleet’s impact. We centralize and simplify the tools and data you need to set a strategy and succeed, and our mobile contracting tools empower your team to deliver a great experience, faster.

With a best-in-class support team that helps you learn the platform and dig deeper into performance data, plus powerful reporting and customization options, Dealerware is a new breed of dealership software that’s powering the future of fleet management.

contracts, fast

Your customers want speed and simplicity. Dealerware’s mobile contracting tools are the fastest, most user-friendly on the market, and every part of the loaner experience – from credentials to payments – is handled on mobile devices.

Reliable, simple credentialing in Dealerware’s 60-second contract flow.
Dealerware is the only fleet management platform that’s PCI Compliant on mobile and web.
Automated contracts approved by all major fleet insurers keep your fleet covered.
Same fleet, more volume

Your fleet is meant to bring you more business. Dealerware helps you handle more contracts, get cars back sooner and widen your service area. Plus, a modern, mobile experience means your customers want to come back.

Track vehicles on your lot and optimize turnaround times to serve more customers, faster.

Ensure vehicle availability with Dealerware reservations, and track overdue contracts to prevent lazy loaner returns.

Native pickup and delivery features mean Dealerware helps you move more and earn more.

vehicle utilization
Connected, protected

You need confidence that your vehicles are contracted and used correctly. Automated alerts and GPS features in Dealerware keep your business and your fleet protected.

Don’t accept risk from incomplete contracts or employee misuse.Protect your fleet with Dealerware Off Lot Detection.
We don’t just help recover costs, we prevent loss, too. GPS features protect against theft or unreported accidents.
More ways to move your customers

Your business can do more than service and sales. Dealerware provides simple tools to create new fleet services and customize pricing, so you can capitalize on new demand for flexible transportation.

Dealerware gives you more ways to turn a profit with hugely customizable fleet settings.
Do more with your fleet. Deliver at-home or extended test drives, premium loaner experiences and more.
Keep customers coming back to your dealership with rental options or lease bridges.
Lease bridge
Retain customers that are nearing the end of their lease by giving them a loaner vehicle for an extended period of time in return for their commitment to lease from you again.
Fuel recovery
Toll recovery
Making no-cost loaners a reality

Your loaner program doesn’t need to be expensive. Dealerware significantly reduces your costs and can even help you pull in revenue from your courtesy fleet.

Dealerware customers regularly recover 100% of fuel, tolls and other costs. Let us show you how.
Simple mobile agreements improve customer experiences and do more to protect your fleet.
Get paid, anywhere. Dealerware is the only fleet management app that’s PCI compliant on mobile and web.
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We’ll take 
on your tolls

Time-saving automation built with tolling agencies catches every toll paid under contract, then charges them right back to your customer.

No more searching, no more calling, no more lists of plate numbers, and no more wasted hours. We’ll save a whole day’s work each month with Toll Recovery.

Real people, ready in minutes

Your program needs are unique. And having the right partners, ready in minutes, to help get it off the ground is critical. Our customer success team are fleet experts who can solve your problems and even give you tactical advice.

Your old vendor doesn’t pick up the phone when their app isn’t working. Dealerware is different. Our customer success team are fleet experts who can solve your problems and even give you tactical advice.

We’re here to help. Dealerware’s 24 minute support response time beats the competition by almost a full day.
Your problems solved. 98% of support requests are resolved in less than 24 hours.
Learn, improve and grow with Dealerware’s self-paced training and searchable support library.
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"When we had opportunities to grow, we were comfortable doubling our fleet because Dealerware enabled us to streamline our operations."

Anthony Christiano
Fixed Operations Manager, Mercedes-Benz Manhattan

average fuel/toll cost recovery

per vehicle / month

Earn more per car

Keep tabs on average contract length, utilization, costs recovered and more with real-time data right on Dealerware’s main dashboard.

Track how each contract contributes to your bottom line with Dealerware’s robust reporting tools and searchable, sortable database of all your customers, contracts, vehicles and employees.

Never leave costs unrecovered. Dealerware shows you when and why a customer charge was delayed so you can follow up and settle up.

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Dealerware is the central platform for the connected retail fleet. We’re here to help you connect, accelerate and transform your courtesy loaner program.

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Equip your retailers for a more profitable future. Dealerware delivers cost recovery, time-saving automation and powerful reporting tools.