Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration
Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration
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Loaner Fleet Management

Modern fleet management for the future of retail

Connect, accelerate and transform your courtesy loaner program with a simple, all-in-one fleet management platform proven to increase CSI. 

Unlock all your fleet can do

Take control of your loaner fleet program and make it work harder for you – all from a single platform.

Eliminate costs and save an average of $70 per vehicle per month by automatically capturing and recovering fuel, toll, and damage costs.

Reduce wait times and eliminate paper contracts to increase CSI by 27 points on average, supported by J.D. Power research.

Boost brand and store loyalty by delivering a fast, simple and modern experience while giving customers the ability to try out the latest vehicles on the market.

contracts, fast

Your customers want speed and simplicity. Dealerware’s mobile contracting tools are the fastest, most user-friendly on the market, and every part of the loaner experience – from credentials to payments – is handled on mobile devices.

Reliable, simple credentialing in Dealerware’s 60-second contract flow.
Dealerware is the only fleet management platform that’s PCI Compliant on mobile and web.
Automated contracts approved by all major fleet insurers keep your fleet covered.

Same fleet, more volume

A loaner fleet is meant to bring in more business. Dealerware helps you handle more contracts, get cars back sooner, and keeps customers coming back.
Increase vehicle utilization by 25% on average with automation and reporting to help you use your fleet more efficiently.

Serve more customers, faster by tracking vehicles on your lot to optimize turnaround times.

Schedule reservations in advance and manage daily, weekly and monthly availability with a user-friendly calendar view.

vehicle utilization

Get more with Dealerware

Your business is as important to us as it is to you, so we deliver industry-leading services and support.
Dedicated implementation specialists help you set-up and get started on the platform in as little as one 60-minute phone call.

Priority support from day one at no additional cost with an average response time of 24 minutes.

Boost program performance with powerful insights from industry experts to help you reach your unique goals.

Off-lot detection to ensure every vehicle leaving the lot is under contract.
Recover 100% of toll costs and late fees with automated toll management and processing.

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