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Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration

Turning Courtesy Loaner Fleet Costs into Profits with Dealerware

How Jaguar Land Rover Chandler uses fleet performance metrics and mobile contracts for more efficient service loaner operations.


While transitioning to a new system can be daunting, Jaguar Land Rover Chandler experienced a swift and seamless setup and training.


Chandler, Arizona
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For too long, Jim Deboy, Service Manager at Jaguar Land Rover Chandler, managed the dealership’s courtesy vehicle program using a system that was outdated and lacked the important features he needed to run a successful operation.

Now with Dealerware, the dealership is turning loaner fleet costs into profits by eliminating costs, creating program efficiencies, and elevating the customer experience.

Loaner Fleet and the Customer Experience

With their prior fleet management system, the dealership’s customers were sent to a loaner desk during the check-in process, often with long wait times. “Before, the check-in process for customers was like herding cattle. Now with Dealerware, our customers are out the door in two minutes, which is five times faster than our previous system,” says Jim.

Loaner Fleet Program Efficiencies

By implementing a fully digital, fully mobile platform, Jim was able to reorganize his staff and improve the overall efficiency of the operation. “With Dealerware, the process is so streamlined that we only need one loaner car agent, not three or four like with our previous system,” says Jim.

Actionable Reporting on Loaner Fleet

Prior to Dealerware, the team at Jaguar Land Rover Chandler struggled to access the data and reports they needed to measure performance of their courtesy vehicle program.

Now, they have easy-to-read dashboards and reports that allow them to track key metrics and take action in real time. “Reporting is what I like most about Dealerware. I review metrics like length of loan and utilization every day, which have both improved since using Dealerware,” says Jim.

Loaner Fleet Management Implementation & Support

Transitioning from one system to another can often be a complicated and challenging project. However, the Dealerware Support team dedicated a team member to the dealership during implementation to ensure the change was seamless. “The transition was very easy. The software is really simple and self explanatory. We sat down as a team, took the bull by the horns, and watched the training videos one by one while practicing with some test runs. It was actually really fun,” says Jim.

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