Preventing a $30k vehicle theft

To prevent a $30,000 loss due to vehicle theft, Dealerware and one of their customers had to act fast to track down the thief.


The Problem: Off-hours theft

As a Florida Volkswagen dealership opened for business on a Saturday morning, the Service Director got a call from a panicked customer: their rental car was stolen right out of their driveway

The late-model crossover was a potential $30,000 loss for the dealership, unless they and the local sheriff’s department could track down the vehicle and the thief.

The Solution: Connected Cars & Quick Support

“My first thought was to log into Dealerware and find out where my car was, and I immediately reached out to our Dealerware rep, Lee,” the Serivce Director said. “He jumped in without hesitation and throughout the first couple hours of the day he was sending me live GPS coordinates.” 

An image of Dealerware's Fleet Map. Dealerware’s Connected Car Services allow you to see your fleet’s exact locations, on or off of your lot. This can help you recover a stolen loaner vehicle.
Dealerware’s Connected Car Services allow you to see your fleet’s exact locations, on or off of your lot.

“Every time Lee would send me a report of where the car was, I would turn around and call the sheriff’s office. They were very impressed because it was so easy to recover the car – it was exactly where Lee told us it was.” the Service Director said. “It would have been a huge loss if we didn’t have you guys helping me find that car.” 

On top of providing an anti-theft service, the Service Director also noted that Dealerware’s cost recovery tools help prevent other losses without fanfare. 

It’s easy, he said, to charge a daily rate, recover fuel costs and add additional charges while providing transparency for the customer.

“Case in point, the car we had to recover Saturday didn’t have another key. With the detail cost that’s $750 that we had to recover. I closed the contract and it was paid right there, no questions asked.”

Connect Your Fleet, Protect Your Fleet

Vehicle theft recovery is possible thanks to Dealerware’s Connected Car Services. In addition to GPS fleet tracking, Connected Car Services also help you save time and recover more of your costs from customers. In fact, customers using Dealerware Connected Car Services typically experience:

  • 33% higher cost recovery than with Dealerware Lite alone.
  • 20% fewer manual data-entry errors for information like fuel levels and mileage.
  • 5% higher utilization than with Dealerware Lite alone.
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