JD Power SSI Study 2018: What You Need To Know

Recently, JD Power published their 2018 SSI study, an annual report measuring customer satisfaction during the dealership sales experience. The results are far reaching but


Recently, JD Power published their 2018 SSI study, an annual report measuring customer satisfaction during the dealership sales experience.

The results are far reaching but a common thread running throughout the report is a growing customer preference for digital communications which creates an opportunity for dealers to do more to meet that need.

These findings are consistent with the feedback Dealerware receives from both dealers and customers. The fully digital and mobile solution for loaner fleet management puts an emphasis on communications and processes that meet and exceed modern consumer preferences.

There were a number of useful insights in the SSI study but the following stand out as the most significant.

Multi-channel communications
It’s not that customers want to replace in-person communications but rather to supplement them with additional channels such as calls, texts, and emails.

Text more, satisfy more
Customers who texted their dealer scored 19 points higher in customer satisfaction than those who did not.

Jump start via text
When customers text dealers before the sales, customer satisfaction is 27 points higher than without texting beforehand. Take it a step further by using the information effectively during the sales process and customer satisfaction increases even more.

Follow Up for a quick win
There is a 38 point improvement in customer satisfaction among customers who receive post-sale communications versus those who did not.

Increase sales profit through service dept
For buyers who have prior service visits, front end gross profit is highest. Is your service dept optimized to elevate the customer experience? This is one of the primary benefits of Dealerware.

Do you like easy online shopping? So do your customers.
64% of buyers enjoy the experience of shopping online. What are you doing to offer a fully mobile and digital experience?

Changing preferences and age groups
Gen X and Gen Y buyers are less satisfied with the dealership experience than Baby Boomers. How can we meet the demands of the next generation while maintaining satisfaction among other generations? Hint: Dealerware accomplishes this every day.

Dealerware & SSI
Now think about these findings in the context of the Dealerware solution.

  • Dealerware’s loaner contracts are 100% digital and fully mobile, allowing service team members to greet the customer right at their vehicle.
  • Contracts are instantly and automatically shared via text with the customer, ensuring that important information is shared quickly and is easily accessible.
  • The customer credentials (Drivers license, insurance, and payment information) are captured via scan in 60 seconds, eliminating the need to manually enter the info and reducing the process time by as much as 90%.
  • With GPS, the Dealerware fleet map gives service advisors the ability to locate the right vehicle quickly, all while interacting with the customer, elevating the experience and reducing the process to just minutes.

Although the SSI study focuses on the sales process, today’s customers also demand consistency in their experiences with businesses. This means that it’s important to implement digital best practices across all areas of the dealership to ensure a consistent (and elevated) customer experience.

Your loaner fleet program directly impacts the customer experience and is where Dealerware is a market leader.

Link to 2018 JD Power SSI Study

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