Dealerware Completes Certification in Reynolds Certified Interface Program to Further Deliver End-to-End Digital Fleet Management Solutions that Drive Dealer Profitability

With the right digital tools and processes, loaner fleet operations can provide the most significant source of customer satisfaction and profitability at the dealership today. However, service departments must be able to maximize program efficiencies, while delivering exceptional customer experience to fully realize those profits. Today, modern fleet management platform Dealerware is announcing it has achieved certification in the Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) Program. This announcement furthers Dealerware’s commitment to fully automate the loaner car experience with digital solutions that offer service departments the critical efficiencies necessary to increase CSI and profitability.

“How efficiently a dealership runs its loaner fleet has a big impact on both service customers’ satisfaction and their dealership’s bottom line. With RCI certification and by leveraging the Reynolds proprietary interfaces, Dealerware will receive real-time data the instant a repair order is complete and be able to automatically communicate that information to customers via a convenient text message,” said Russell Lemmer, President of Dealerware. “By increasing fleet utilization, dealers can achieve new levels of service ROI by using less vehicles or doing more with their existing fleet, which is a real game-changer.”

An end-to-end digital and mobile-first solution continues to be one of the quickest ways to save time and reduce friction for both the dealerships and customers. By leveraging the real-time data and automation, Dealerware enables dealers to drastically reduce the average length of time a customer keeps a loaner car while communicating the way customers prefer.


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