Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration
Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration

Dealerware API Unlocks Transformative Solutions for Connected Automotive Retailers

Dealerware's API portal, launched Jul 15, 2021, allows developers to build or improve on digital tools for connected automotive retailers


  • New Dealerware developer platform launches to enable powerful, integrated, single-screen solutions for dealerships, dealer groups, OEMs, and ecosystem partners.
  • Dealerware API consists of over 200 public data endpoints and enables full end-to-end fleet management capabilities that improve fleet operator workflows and elevate customer experiences.
  • Data accessed via Dealerware API allows developers to build new services and improve existing tools for fleet operators.

AUSTIN, Texas — July 15, 2021 — Dealerware, a leading connected car platform, today announced the launch of the Dealerware API development platform. Dealerware API enables countless possibilities for dealerships, dealer groups, OEMs, developers and ecosystem partners who want to embrace digital transformation through powerful data connections. With over 200 public data endpoints and growing, Dealerware API unlocks end-to-end fleet management capabilities that improve fleet operator workflows, elevate customer experiences, and reduce the number of screens required to operate vehicle fleets.

“The goal of Dealerware’s new developer platform is to accelerate innovation in retail automotive by providing access to the data that is unique to our platform,” said Dealerware CEO, Matt Carpenter. “This milestone is another step in Dealerware’s journey towards a more connected future in which dealers and technology partners work together to create powerful digital tools that improve operations at the retailers and elevate retail customer experiences at the same time.”

Automotive retailers and technology developers can leverage Dealerware API to develop bespoke experiences within their own proprietary systems or benefit from powerful existing integrations between best-in-breed ecosystem partners.

“Using Dealerware API, we’ve been able to develop elegant and digitally transformative solutions for retailers who want to provide more convenience for their customers through out-of-store experiences,” said Arlen Gilbert, Senior Solutions Tech, Redcap Technologies. “The powerful data flows and simple applications allow us to build solutions quickly.”

“With our integration, dealerships have been able to make memorable customer connections and benefit from positive impacts to their operations,” said Daron Pardue, Chief Information Officer, MDL autoMation. “The powerful, yet simple Dealerware API allowed us to create a combined solution that’s modern and customer-centric for both the dealership and their customers.”

Some of the specific business solutions Dealerware API will support developers in building are:

  • Contracting: Ensure a more streamlined, contactless contracting process for dealership customers

    Integrate with appointment scheduling and streamline credentialing and check-in. Additionally, dealerships can combine Dealerware’s Telematics and Contract APIs to inform when vehicles are on lot with open contracts and off lot without.
  • Fleet Tracking: Get the data automotive retailers need to track their fleets

    Dealerware’s fleet tracking provides real-time data on fleet status both in aggregate and at the vehicle level. Additionally, Dealerware API can give retailers the future availability of vehicles with probability rankings that change dynamically, allowing them to better plan future bookings while still maintaining high vehicle utilization levels.
  • Payments: Complete payment workflows in a centralized, single workflow

    Leverage payments products to centralize all dealership charges within the payment flow. Add toll, fuel, and other service loaner and rental related charges to other customer charges.
  • Pickup and Delivery: Create a smooth pickup & delivery process for dealership customers and employees

    By initiating customer credentialing at the time of appointment scheduling, dealerships can build a customer profile prior to their scheduled delivery, leaving only one step: agreement to terms once the driver arrives. This integration will get customers on their way quicker & save time for staff.
  • Telematics: Quickly track information about a vehicle's status or driver's performance

    Fleet disrepair, down time, claims processing, and missed damage on fleets represents a very large expense. Dealerware’s API gives fleet operators real-time access to vehicle telemetry that they can use for compliance and violation monitoring, predictive maintenance, cost minimization, vehicle activity, and more!

For more information, contact [email protected] or visit this page.

About Dealerware

Dealerware is modern fleet management for the modern retailer. The Dealerware connected car platform elevates the service experience for dealerships, dealer groups and OEMs. By automating cost recovery, improving efficiencies, and elevating the customer experience, Dealerware allows automotive retailers to lower the cost and complexity associated with the management of courtesy vehicles, retail rental, and subscription programs. Launched in 2016, Dealerware today manages tens of thousands of vehicles for hundreds of dealerships in North America, including the top 10 public dealer groups, across 28 OEM brands. For more information, please visit

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