Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration
Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration

Better data, better vendor, better operations for Audi of Cape Cod

Frustrations with an unreliable vendor pushed Audi of Cape Cod to upgrade to Dealerware, move past paper contracts and start recovering fuel, toll and time costs.


"Implementation was seamless, we’re recovering 100% of our fuel and toll costs now, and I have all the data I need to run a successful operation." - Rob Wall, Service Manager


Hyannis, MA
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For Rob Wall, Service Manager at Audi of Cape Cod, the lack of a fleet management platform that could support their loaner operation was costing them time and money. “We were using another platform that relied too much on paper and took a long time to process our customers. There was no way to easily recover fuel and toll costs nor did we have any reporting to track those costs,” says Rob.

Although Rob and his service team identified simple ways to improve their operation through their previous fleet management software, the data was unreliable and the vendor was often unresponsive and unable to meet their needs. With a clear need for a complete fleet management platform, Rob and his service team implemented Dealerware.

They selected the full platform of Fully Mobile Contracts, Connected Car Services, and Toll Services. With that, the team is now able to reduce customer wait time to around three minutes and automatically charge for fuel and tolls costs they previously had to absorb.

Additionally, Rob now utilizes Dealerware’s reporting suite to review accurate, real-time data that provides not just reports but actual insights into his loaner program’s performance.

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