Profits over paperwork with Dealerware Connected Car Services

How Dealerware Connected Car Services help Audi of Wallingford keep track of their courtesy fleet, reduce maintenance time and get customers in cars faster.


After implementing Dealerware, our service team is spending more time on high value tasks and is able to focus on providing an even better customer experience.”

How adding software saved LOTS of time

Like a lot of dealerships, before starting with Dealerware and our Connected Car Services, Audi Wallingford was using paper contracts to keep track of which customer was using which car from their fleet. 

By offering customers a seamless loaner fleet experience that eliminates time waiting in line and completing paperwork, Audi of Wallingford dramatically improved their customer experience. We estimate they saved customers 21,000 minutes of waiting time after switching from paper to Dealerware.

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The extra benefit of Connected Car Services

While paper contracts seem like a simple solution for fleet management, they eat up a lot of time. Little things about the process take longer than you think, from finding the right form to walking between the vehicle and the desk so your customer can sign. 

Dealerware’s mobile contracting tools took the back-and-forth out of writing contracts so the Audi Wallingford can write up a customer and collect their signature in just a couple of minutes, right in the service drive. Adding Connected Car Services to the mix further accelerated the process of prepping vehicles and customers.

That means more time for the team, too. Our estimates show that Connected Car Services saved employees almost 500 hours of work collecting vehicle data, giving them more time to focus on more high-value tasks. Plus, we know that Connected Car Services typically reduces human errors in recording data by about 20%, improving the team’s ability to track the dealership fleet program’s performance.

“In addition to a faster process of getting customers into service loaners, Dealerware’s connected car devices automatically capture necessary vehicle information, like fuel and mileage, without employees having to check it manually. Now, our service team is spending more time on high value tasks and is able to focus on providing an even better customer experience,” says Michael Coughlin, Service Manager at Audi Wallingford.

See how Connected Car Services can help you recover costs and keep better track of your fleet.

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