Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration
Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration

How Dealerships are Supporting Communities

Auto dealers have always been committed to their neighbors. Today, they're stepping up to help first responders and frontline workers in challenging times.


Dealers across the country are using fleets for good, helping medical professionals, first responders and other members of their communities get around during hard times.

Last week we shared the story of our customers at Fox Valley Auto Group, who worked with the nonprofit Cal’s Angel’s to deliver Volkswagen, Buick and GMC loaner vehicles to nurses and doctors at Chicago’s Lurie Children’s hospital.

This week their efforts and several other dealers’ work to support their communities made the pages of Automotive News.

Click the link below to read about Fox Valley Auto Group’s growing donation to Lurie Children’s Hospital, plus how dealers in New York and New Jersey sent dozens of cars out to first responders with long public transit commutes.


Read "Aid goes from dealerships to front-line workers" on AutoNews.

Dealerships aren’t the only group finding new ways to keep vehicle utilization rates up when the roads are quiet. In Florida, autonomous shuttles were repurposed earlier this month to shuttle COVID-19 tests to a Mayo Clinic processing facility.

Earlier this week Beep, the company testing those shuttles, found another critical application for the still-in-development self-driving shuttles: pizza delivery.

They took bags of fresh salad and several fresh pizzas to the staff at Orlando’s Veteran’s Hospital.

Like Fox Valley Auto Group President Emir Abinion told us, “Dealers are a big part of their community and are always stepping up to support people. Now, in uncharted times, if we take the focus off ourselves and try to help someone else, we can help reduce some of the anxiety and frustration in our communities.”

If you’re using your fleet to support front-line medical workers, first responders, business owners or others in your community, we’d love to hear your story. Share what you’re doing on our LinkedIn page to help other dealerships find new opportunities to support their own communities.

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