Toll Management Services

Remove the hassle of toll processing and cost recovery

Automated toll management services help you maximize cost recovery and save you time by simplifying customer billing in toll areas nationwide.
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Optimized toll processing

Simple managementDealerware provided equipment works directly with all toll agencies allowing you to manage all your toll fees from a single system.

Save timeComplete revenue reporting makes life easy for your accounting department to reconcile and recover toll fees.

Improve customer experienceOne-time customer billing for all tolls reduces customer frustration and confusion.

100% cost recovery

Instant toll recoveryInstant billing automatically charges customers for all reported tolls.

Eliminate feesTolls are paid on-time, every time, ensuring you don’t incur another late fee.

Stay protectedCustomizable toll contract terms, mean customers agree up-front to be charged for any tolls they rack-up.

Value your time

Robust toll reportingEliminate time spent reconciling toll bills and determining which customer was driving each vehicle for each violation.

Instant billing – Remove the time your service advisors spend making time-consuming phone calls to customers on every toll charge.

Focus on your customer – Your time and attention should be on your customers and your dealership, so eliminate the stress of worrying about toll bills and late fees piling up.

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