Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration
Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration

Exciting New Features Have Arrived at Dealerware

As the automotive and mobility world evolves, Dealerware continues to innovate on the fleet and contract management tools necessary for dealerships to succeed.


Dealerware's new features help streamline luxury fleet ops

Dealerware is releasing new features and enhanced functionality designed to provide an even easier, faster and more robust experience for users and their customers.  As the automotive and mobility world evolves, Dealerware continues to innovate on the fleet and contract management tools necessary for dealerships to succeed now and in the future. 

Updates to the industry-leading features already available on the platform combined with the new features deliver greater reporting capabilities and faster loading times. Now, dealers get even more out of their fleet while saving time and improving their customer experience.

Reservations Made Easy

Dealerware New Features: Stylized Reservations Calendar

Making, managing and keeping reservations has never been easier, with Dealerware’s interactive reservation Calendar, Daily Schedule and the ability to make reservations from both desktop and mobile devices.  The following features help dealers deliver the mobility solution your customer reserved, every time.

  • The new Calendar allows users to quickly create reservations and easily check, manage and make adjustments. These features provide insights to achieve better fleet utilization, while reducing the time spent figuring out daily and weekly vehicle needs. 
  • The enhanced drag-and-drop functionality within the Calendar on Dealerware Web, lets users quickly move and adjust reservations based on customer needs and fleet availability.  
  • The new Daily Schedule on Dealerware Mobile gives users quick, on-the-fly access to all upcoming vehicle requirements and returns for the day, ensuring all team members understand the day’s mobility needs, and support them accordingly.  
  • A reservation overview provided just before starting and again right before closing a reservation contract, ensures customers and dealers are on the same page when it comes to the length and details of the mobility solution being provided.

One Dashboard to Rule Them All

Dealerware has always provided users with a single pane of glass to manage their entire fleet, contracts and customers. But, with an improved user interface, more data, and better functionality, the Dealerware Dashboard is now better than ever.

The new Dashboard on Dealerware Web lets users quickly navigate between three tabs, Table View, Map View, and KPIs, designed to help users quickly access the information they’re looking for. 

Dealerware New Features - Stylized Dashboard

Dealers taking advantage of Dealerware Connected Car Services will see both visual and functionality improvements to the interactive Map View.  Enhancements enable users to filter vehicles displayed based on their contract status, and view in-depth contract and vehicle information quickly for any vehicle on the map, making finding the right information and data even easier.

Reporting and Risk Management

We know how important it is to dealers to have accurate and detailed reporting information for your accounting office, so the reporting capabilities have been optimized allowing you to successfully manage your fleet and maximize the ROI on each of your vehicles across all of your mobility programs. 

Dealerware New Features - Outstanding Balaces

Dealerware’s newly released Outstanding Balance Report provides details on all receivables coming through the platform, allowing users to understand all balances due for any source of mobility business and results in faster and more consistent reconciliation. 

In addition, an alert will surface for any customer with an outstanding balance when a new contract is being started on Dealerware Mobile, as well as an alert for any customers who have been put in a “do not rent” status.  These alerts in combination with the Revenue and Outstanding Balance Reports allow dealers to recover more, faster, while reducing the overall financial risk to their entire fleet and business.

Dealerware New Features - Mobile alerts - Do not rent - Outstanding Balance

But wait, there's more!

The entire Dealerware platform has been optimized, meaning faster load times for customers using web and mobile, making the experience even better for you and your customers.  Automated fuel, mileage and other data reporting with Dealerware Connected Car Services continue to improve, with more and more dealers being able to ditch their devices by taking advantage of native telematics.  The new ability to designate vehicle color combined with Connected Car Services’ up-to-the-minute GPS location for every vehicle in your fleet, makes finding any vehicle on your lot quick and easy, eliminating long lot-walks, keeping you and your customers comfortable on the hottest and coldest days of the year.

Dealerware New Features - Vehicle Color Designation

The new features and enhanced functionality, help dealerships maximize the return on every vehicle in their fleet while providing their customers with the convenient experience they have come to expect.  Dealerware is fast, flexible and future focused, meaning the best fleet and mobility management platform is now better than ever!

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