Jaguar Land Rover Austin implemented the Dealerware solution in January of 2018 and have since transformed their fleet operation and are delighting customer in entirely new ways.


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Jaguar Land Rover Austin implemented the Dealerware solution in January of 2018 and have since experienced a number of benefits using the software to manage their fleet of 76 loaner vehicles.

Dealerware sat down with the JLR Austin team to learn about how the loaner fleet management solution has benefited their dealership.

First, General Manager Damon Spears shared his perspective on how Dealerware has made a positive impact on his dealership.

Customer Experience

The Dealerware solution focuses on convenience and ease-of-use for both the dealership users and their customers. Since using Dealerware, Damon noticed an improvement in the customer experience, saying “Oh they love the experience. We’re in and out in a hurry. It’s not taking as long at all. It’s a very quick process. We can be in and out in 5 minutes.”


Another positive effect Damon noticed was the simplified toll and fuel recovery process that Dealerware offers: “When you’re looking at how much gas was not put back in the car, toll tags that weren’t paid…this morning I think it was around 1,400 or 1,500 dollars. So that’s money that’s being collected because of just the process. If not, the dealership would have been paying for that at the end of the month,” he says.

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Chris Matthews, Service Manager for Jaguar Land Rover Austin, also shared his team’s experience using the Dealerware solution.

Saving Time

Chris emphasized how Dealerware’s paperless operation has saved him time and made the process more convenient: “[…]Before we were chasing around paperwork, trying to figure out, just a whole lot of digging trying to figure out what was going on with just one loaner car versus having this software we can just pull it up on a screen just like that.”

Dashboard Visibility

Chris also remarked on the enhanced visibility into his loaner fleet that the Dealerware Dashboard offers: “I can start asking these questions – Why are these cars still sitting here? Why are we not utilizing these cars? We got clients that need these cars. Then vice versa, why these cars out so long? Just having the live quick data just at your fingertips, it’s just made my life a lot simpler.”

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