Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration
Protect your assets with automated Insurance Verification using our latest integration

Dealerware President and COO Russell Lemmer Receives Industry Recognition


We are always thrilled to announce the accomplishments of our own. On June 29, 2021 Dealerware’s President and COO Russell Lemmer was recognized at the International Transportation and Automotive Summit for his leadership efforts in automotive and transportation.

The ITAS is a 3-day international conference at which top achievers in the automotive and transportation industries are recognized for their work. ITAS also showcases innovative ideas and practices, arranges discussion sessions and fosters collaboration. Awards are given to those who are revolutionizing the automotive industry by tapping into the latest technology available, making transportation more attainable and sustainable. Nominees are judged on 5 parameters: overall reach, industry impact, spirit of innovation, future readiness, and market demand.

Founded in October 2016, Dealerware is designed to connect dealers to their cars to maximize profits by unlocking important data and making the loaner process easier via digitalization, automation, and efficiency.

Delivering real operating results with easy-to-use apps and intuitive dashboards, Russell has led Dealerware to emerge as the automotive industry’s best-in-class fleet management and mobility platform. Since 2016, dealers have been adopting the platform to reduce the complexity of managing their fleets by simplifying the process and elevating their customers’ experiences.

“Dealerships should aim to double down on the investments they make in the service experience over what feels like the commoditized buying experience. Dealers that can deliver a great service experience, whether it’s through service cars, uber/lift credits, bringing loaners to customers instead of customers coming to the dealership, that’s going to have a far bigger effect on positive consumer sentiment that will lead in time to loyalty.” Said Lemmer

By integrating technology like this into dealerships, we can make courtesy fleets more efficient and profitable while also removing the need for heaps of paper that slow dealerships down and just wind up in landfills. Dealers that are adopting this technology have shown consistent improvements in fleet utilization, cost recovery, and customer satisfaction.

With reports showing Dealerware tools providing average cost savings of $70 per vehicle/month, fleet utilization increasing by more than 25%, and customer satisfaction index scores increasing by more than 27+ points, it is apparent why ITAS wanted to recognize Russell and Dealerware as leaders in the automotive industry after only five years in business.

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