Customer Story: Audi Cicero

After managing their fleet on paper for years, Audi Cicero switched to Dealerware to track and contract their loaner fleet.


After implementing Dealerware, Audi Cicero is now recovering costs instantly, improving the efficiency of their loaner program, and elevating the customer experience.


Onondaga County, New York
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A Seamless Upgrade

Prior to the implementation of Dealerware, Audi Cicero’s loaner program involved handling various documents, creating photocopies of customer information, and spending additional time filing and retrieving the necessary paperwork.

“Everything was paper. If a customer came in again, we would have to repeat that entire paperwork process. Now our advisors do everything from a tablet right there in the service drive, saving us a lot of time,” says Kent Appleby, Service Manager at Audi Cicero.

After relying on a mostly paper process for years, the service department at Audi Cicero made the decision to implement Dealerware’s fully digital solution to manage their entire loaner fleet operation.

By using a fully mobile solution the service team can now greet customers, scan their credentials, and have them into a loaner vehicle in minutes.. The service advisors are now spending less time handling paperwork and more time focusing on delivering great customer experiences.

Asset Recovery

While Audi Cicero has used the Dealerware platform to transform their loaner program, the solution proved to be crucial when a vehicle went missing.
A customer whose car was being repaired received a loaner vehicle to use in the meantime. Once the repairs were complete, the service team notified the car owner that their vehicle was ready for pick-up. Although the customer confirmed that they would return to pick-up their vehicle, they never showed up and the service team was unable to reach them again.

While the team at Audi Cicero certainly understands how busy their customer’s lives are, a significant number of days had passed with no response from the customer. As a last resort, they left yet another email, voicemail and text message to inform the customer they would be coming to retrieve the loaner if they did not hear from them that night. When the team received no response, the decision was made to retrieve the loaner using the Dealerware software.

Using Dealerware’s connected car devices, Kent was able to easily find the unreturned vehicle on Dealerware’s Fleet Map and direct his service team to the exact location to retrieve it.

“It’s really simple to use the entire Dealerware solution,” says Kent Appleby.

With a comprehensive loaner fleet management solution, Audi Cicero is now recovering costs instantly, improving the efficiency of their loaner program, and elevating the customer experience.

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